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Short Film Projects

The Northern California Filmmakers Coalition is dedicated to providing its members the opportunity to produce and develop film projects.

Marcus' Coffee Habit

Film Title:  "Marcus' Coffee Habit"

Screenplay written by:  Wanda Meadors

Directed by:  Elona Roybal

Synopsis:  This light, humorous short takes all kinds of twists andturns for a young man with an unusual habit, and learns frustrating news that changes his life.


The Two Gamers

Film Title:  "The Two Gamers"

Screenplay written by:  George Thomas Buttle, Jakie Buttle

Directed by:  George Thomas Buttle

Synopsis:  Best friends since childhood, Guy and Dude are thick as thieves. They're also gamers to the core. But today is unlike any other day. Today it's every man for himself because after months of waiting "IT" is finally here and only 50 pre-release copies are available. 

What is "IT" you ask? It is in fact the hottest action RPG to hit the gaming world to date, "Knights Of Light-Doomsday", and it's first come first serve! 
Their mission, should they choose to accept it, will be to become one of the first 50 people to own and beat this epic game. However, for one of them, it turns out to be more of a challenge than he expected or prepared for. 

This comical adventure compares two close friends on a mission, but with very different ways of doing things resulting in two different outcomes. Through struggles, laughs, and even a little romance, find out if these two make this mission possible.


Dr. Castillo

Film Title:  "Dr. Castillo"

Screenplay written by:  Moh Salim

Directed by:  

Synopsis:  DR. CASTILLO a medical doctor by trade, immigrated from the Philippines is a fine man of virtue and courage, but most of all one who shows great compassion for his fellow man. Following a divorce, he is left penniless and is forced to live in a storage unit to save money for the chance to rebuild his life.

The Doctor tries to help others desperate for medical treatment and without health insurance. As a result of helping others, Dr. Castillo jeopardizes his opportunity for citizenship by practicing medicine and writing illegal prescriptions for pharmaceuticals drugs to Mexican Pharmacies just over the border. The plan backfires when the people he helps are followed by the US Health and Human Services Authorities. American Investigators catch Doctor Castillo when he is fingered as the ringleader by one of the people he tried to help.


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