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Sponsor Appreciation

NCFC wishes to thank all our sponsors for their generous contributions to our filmmaking efforts. Please show your appreciation by supporting their businesses.

Miner's Leap Winery Ad




Miner's Leap Winery Sponsor Appreciation



Following my partner's and my participation in a promotional marketing video produced by NCFC for Miner's Leap Winery in Clarksburg, CA, Kimberley and I both extend our sincere appreciation for giving us the opportunity to become a part of the project.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable time, thanks to you and your associates who participated in the on-site video shoot at Miner's Leap.  It was so much fun to watch professionals at work, and the final product was impressive.  You all did a fantastic job!


Kurt Klemencic & Kimberley Hefner

Sacramento, CA"

I attended the recent Miner's Leap sponsor appreciation commercial. I also brought 4 additional contacts to work as extras in the commercial. We all enjoyed the process and took photos of the grounds and enjoyed the entire process.


The winery people were very supportive also and made sure that we each had wine to enjoy and use in the commercial.


I have worked with Patricia La Marr and Gary Bell before on a docu-drama and also a TV show series and they have honestly been helpful, courteous, and appreciative.  I do think that NCFC does a great job in supporting actors and businesses that offer sponsorships.


I have always had a good experience when working with the people at NCFC.


Randy Taylor,

Quoted in Forbes

Film and TV actor

Spotlight: Sponsor Appreciation

Spotlight: Sponsor Appreciation
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