Sacramento Film Works

Sacramento Film Works airs the first Saturday of every month at 6:00 p.m. on Cable Channel  17 and at&t Uverse Channel 14.

If you are interested in film, television, video or media, Sacramento Film Works is the place where we demystify the art and craft of filmmaking.

Each episodes,  Industry Experts  give us a peek behind the big screen curtain exposing the secrets of movie making. Sacramento Film Works is interactive and has a live studio audience that has opportunity to ask questions of the Industry Expert. In addition, our "Spotlight" segment features up and coming local artist, actors filmmakers and their exciting projects.

Craig DeLuz Screenwriter Sterling Anderson
and Amy Henry
Petri Byrd from the Judge Judy show and  
Craig DeLuz 

​Watch Previous Episodes

Episode #27

The Legendary Ben Vereen (Part 1)

Episode #28

The Legendary Ben Vereen (Part 2)

Episode #25

The Making of Rellik featuring Tim Russ

Episode #26

Salute to the Stunt Double featuring

 JD Ayers

Episode #23

The Composer featuring Emmy award winning composer Alex Wilkinson

Episode #24

Film and Photography featuring Phil Dismangles

Episode #21

The Voiceover Actor featuring Ray Nakamoto

Episode #22

The talent Agent featuring Chandra Bourne

Episode #19

The Journey of an African American Journalist featuring Trudy Taliaferro 

Episode #20

The Journey of a rising star. Featuring Christopher Michael Holley

Episode #17

"The role of the Film Editor" Featuring director, film maker and editor Sami Abdou

Episode #18

"Monitizing Your Film" Featuring film maker Tommy Ross

Episode #15 

"The Role of the Entertainment Attorney" with Entertainment Attorney Lindsay Spiller.

Episode #16

"The Making of a Documentary" with Fraser Kershaw and Doug Clevenger

Episode #13 

Explore the "Making of a Web Series" with Rick Gott creator of Dark Pool.

Episode #14 

"The Role of the Cinematographer" featuring Tim Walton.

Episode #11 

Hollywood film composer Richard Altenbach discusses, "The Role of the Film Composer."

Episode #12 

From Star Trek Voyager, Tim Russ, actor, director and musician.

Episode #9

The "Role of the Film Critic" 

featuring Sacramento Bee film critic Carla Mayer.

Episode #10 

"The Role of the Screen Writer," with Richard Broadhurst.

Episode #7

Film maker Mike Carroll discusses his book "The Naked Film Maker"

Episode #5

A conversation with film maker producer Christina Marie.

Episode #8 

The "Role of the Director" is examined 

featuring  director 

Mr. Tom Merino.

Episode #6 

The "Role of the Casting Director" is examined 

featuring Casting Director Extraordinaire 

Mr. Charlie Holiday.

Episode #3 

"It's All About The Words" featuring Richard Broadhurst noted writer and actor.

Episode #4 

The "Role of the Producer" is examined featuring local film

producer Carlos Hernandez.

Episode #1

Take a look at the premiere episode of Sacramento Film Works featuring producer, director and screen play writer Mr. Loren Reed

Episode #2 

"Putting the Right Camera Into Action" featuring Professor Gary Martin from the CRC film department 

So, from camera and make-up to producer, actors directors and everything in between, Sacramento Filmworks is packed with a half hour of fun, excitement and education you won't want to miss.